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  1. Nice bro, i am happy that you are back with posting 😉
  2. In the editor you got now a new feature. (Check image) Select your text you wan't to hide and then press the hide content button while the text is selected. Example: [Hidden Content]
  3. Windows 10 Activator Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Hello Best CrackingHits Members, For now all trusted members with a good post rate wil get a free VPS server for cracking, running tools etc. So invite your friends to this forum and tell about this. How to be a trusted Member ? - You will need 500+ Post - Postive reputation - No scam reports -------------------------------------------------------- We are making a system that everything goes automaticly with receiving the vps information in your pm. Stay tuned!
  5. Download link: [Hidden Content]
  6. Hello People, I am happy to introduce CrackingHits 7DICE 7Dice is a Crypto Casino where you can make money or lose money xD On Crypto Casino 7dice you can play right now the games Slots and of course Dice The minimum deposit is $1 and you can payout every time you wan't Making money or losing it is never been so easy! I am joking about losing your money (play wisely) (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE CASINO) Images:
  7. 1) Go to CLICK ME , TO GO TO THE WEBSITE 2) Login with a active email (no password) 3) Head over to the "Use Coupons" tab on the left 4) Use all these coupons POINTYNEWYEAR50 TWEETR562 QUANTECH3000 GOOGCOM294 FACEGROUP900 BEERMONEY3573 REDDITSUB345 SHADOW25 MIGHTYSALEH25 FACEPAGE1920 KINGY25 ICE50 FEARLESS50 DELTA100 RANKER25 POINTSPRIZES25 5) Alright now you got 500 Points, head to the "Referral Links" tab on the left. 6) Yes, now you are going to do the auto pilot part. Find a link with a 3x Bonus Points and either edit this guide or make your own teaching people how to get free giftcards with this referall link. It is very easy to get 1000 Points in a hour from this method. (MAKE SURE THEY USE THE COUPONS!) Now I make about $50 worth of Giftcards a day from this method!!
  8. This is the paid shaderspack SEUS PTGI E9 for free ! Have fun guys! SEUS Renewed Beta 0.9.9.zip SEUS PTGI E9.zip
  9. I found this Netflix Checker on another forum. I thought it would be a good decision to post this software on CH. Download link: [Hidden Content]
  10. What do you guys think about cheese cacke ? xD
  11. This is a blockrain game coded in html and js. You can edit everything if you want show me some love don't be a leecher! [Hidden Content]
  12. Xpider app landing page Leaked by CYBER0PUNK [Hidden Content]
  13. Hello everyone. I had this tool for a while, but I am not using it anymore. This is a tool to make dorks. You give it URLs and it extracts Meta data (kwds, descriptions e.t.c.), parameters, parameter values, routes. All of these can be used for keywords for dorks or other reasons you might think of. Download here: [Hidden Content]
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